Marin Pine Mountain Fork Recall Notice

Dear Valued Marin Customer,

Marin has shipped some quantity of 2016 “Pine Mountain 1” and 2017 “Pine Mountain” (base model) bicycles to your cycle dealers. The purpose of this letter is to notify you of important information regarding these bicycles.

Marin has concluded that all 2016 “Pine Mountain 1” and 2017 “Pine Mountain” bicycles will be voluntarily recalled pursuant to the rules of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”), Health Canada (HC) as well as the Trading Standards in the UK, due to the potential for the fork to bend or break at the fork crown area (although no injuries have occurred so far).

As of the date of this letter we ask that you cease using your bicycle and immediately contact your Marin dealer. Only the specific models and model years are affected.

  • Replacement forks will be sent directly to your Marin dealer where the bicycle was purchased.
  • Replacement forks will be visibly different to allow you to easily tell the difference between the original, and the replacement forks.
  • The forks must be fitted by your Marin dealer