Ritchey WCS MonoCurve Handlebar & Stem Combo Bar


Carbon (UD) 40x100mm
Code: 200.HB361.210
EAN/UPC: 796941303750

Carbon (UD) 40x110mm
Code: 200.HB361.211
EAN/UPC: 796941303767

Carbon (UD) 40x90mm
Code: 200.HB361.209
EAN/UPC: 796941303743

Carbon (UD) 42x100mm
Code: 200.HB361.220
EAN/UPC: 796941303842

Carbon (UD) 42x110mm
Code: 200.HB361.221
EAN/UPC: 796941303774

Carbon (UD) 42x120mm
Code: 200.HB361.222
EAN/UPC: 796941303781

Carbon (UD) 42x130mm
Code: 200.HB361.223
EAN/UPC: 796941303798

Carbon (UD) 44x110mm
Code: 200.HB361.231
EAN/UPC: 796941303859

Carbon (UD) 44x120mm
Code: 200.HB361.232
EAN/UPC: 796941303804

Carbon (UD) 44x130mm
Code: 200.HB361.233
EAN/UPC: 796941303811


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Product Description
Ritchey WCS

WCS (WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES) - These words evoke the core philosophy behind Ritcheys highest performance components. The rainbow stripe WCS logo represents the numerous world champions that have won on Ritchey. The WCS line is the gold standard for lightweight, bombproof race parts and cutting edge innovation.

The ultimate carbon cockpit – the MonoCurve system blends the fit of our most popular bar bend with the sublime ride quality of stiff and lightweight integrated bar/stem combo.

• Monocoque EvoCurve bar moulded to a carbon stem and C260-style forged alloy steer tube clamp
• Extended ergonomic upper section with 4° sweep
• Shallow 128mm drop with smooth “Curve” transition
• Logic II style progressive reach
• 80° stem angle for an aggressive position
• C260-style curved steer tube slot radically reduces steer tube stress
• Weight: 353g (42cm x 120mm)

Stem Lengths/Widths Available:
• 40cm Width/Stem length-90,100,110mm
• 42cm Width/Stem length-110,120,130mm
• 44cm Width/Stem length-120,130mm

Reach/Drop Details:
• 40cm – 128/73
• 42cm – 128/78
• 44cm – 128/83
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