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Saris Bones RS 3-Bike Boot Rack
Saris Bones RS 3-Bike Boot Rack
RRP: £250.00

Saris Bones RS 3-Bike Boot Rack

Brand: Saris  |   RRP: £250.00
Grey   3 Bike Stock: 10+
Code: 700.SA851    EAN/UPC: 012527003655   
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At Saris, we love biking. Its part of everything we do which is why weve gotten so good at identifying and meeting the needs of other biking enthusiasts. In the process, we designed the Bones RS.

It was created to meet our needs the needs of a company full of busy biking families. So when we tell you that Bones RS will meet all of your bike transport needs, we know its true. It looks good, works well and is built from quality materials in Madison, Wisconsin.

"Our goal was to simply take the guesswork out of the rear rack."
The knock on rear racks has always been the straps. So we eliminated them.
What our engineers created is the first "set it and forget it" rear rack. A pair of steel-belted bands and two ratchets is all it takes to create a stable, secure fit.

Designed not just engineered.
While the engineering and materials that make up every Bones RS are important, we like to think the real genius lies in the design. One of the annoyances with trunkmounted racks has always been the straps. So we eliminated them. In their place we put a ratcheting system with rubbercoated clips and steelbelted bands for a quick, secure fit on a wide variety of vehicles.

The pivoting, antisway frame grips can be tilted for great bike stability and the support arms can be moved closer together or further apart to fit just about any bike from road to mountain, adult to child.

In addition to eliminating clumsy, unreliable straps, we also eliminated the hassle of wrestling bikes onto a roof rack. The Bones RS is at the most convenient place possible; right in front of you, on the rear of your vehicle.

The first "set it and forget it" rear rack.
Replaces straps with a pair of steel-belted bands and two tightening ratchets.
Provides a stable and secure fit with family-friendly convenience.
Ratchet System eliminates and fits a wide range of vehicles
Rubber coated clips and steel-belted bands secure the rack to your vehicle
Pivoting anti-sways and hold downs easily adjust
Rubberised feet protect your vehicle
Integrated locking system adds security
Easy to load up to 3 bikes
Designed for a family of bikes from the smallest to the biggest
Comes Boxed. Suitable to have on show in the shop
Colour: Black
Lifetime warranty


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