DMT MTB Shoe Marathon 2.0 White/Red/Black

DMT MTB Shoe Marathon 2.0 White/Red/Black

White/Red/Black 38 Shoe (Euro)
Code: 290.K12MRWR10.38
EAN/UPC: 8059780002423

White/Red/Black 39 Shoe (Euro)
Code: 290.K12MRWR10.39

White/Red/Black 40 Shoe (Euro)
Code: 290.K12MRWR10.40
EAN/UPC: 8059780002447

White/Red/Black 41 Shoe (Euro)
Code: 290.K12MRWR10.41
EAN/UPC: 8059780002454

White/Red/Black 42 Shoe (Euro)
Code: 290.K12MRWR10.42

White/Red/Black 43 Shoe (Euro)
Code: 290.K12MRWR10.43
EAN/UPC: 8059780002461

White/Red/Black 44 Shoe (Euro)
Code: 290.K12MRWR10.44

White/Red/Black 45 Shoe (Euro)
Code: 290.K12MRWR10.45
EAN/UPC: 8059780002478

White/Red/Black 47 Shoe (Euro)
Code: 290.K12MRWR10.47
EAN/UPC: 8059780002485

White/Red/Black 48 Shoe (Euro)
Code: 290.K12MRWR10.48


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Product Description
This is a model created for who is looking for a shoe realized with the same technologies and design of top models but is a beginner. Simple construction of the upper with 3 straps, rigid external counter for the stability of the foot, bicomponent sole with receptacle studs.

This sole is the perfect synthesis of comfort and safety. This footwear satisfies demand for the comfort and stability necessary for a technical off-road ride, with interchangeable toe studs.

3 straps closure H300mm, comfortable, practical, safe. Enriched with logo DMT and Italy flag.

External counter with anatomic support to provide a very high stability in cycling and to increase the constraint of the heel. Anti-shock - Anti-slip.

Anatomic, padded and lined tongue for a better comfort.